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LightSheer DESIRE

Laser epilation in Bratislava — Diode epilation laser — Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE

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  • Successful laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. By choosing the right laser wavelength, energy density and pulse length, the light energy of the laser is absorbed in the melanin of the hair follicles.
  • Laser hair removal is suitable for both women and men and for all skin phototypes. It is used to remove hair on all parts of the body, from small areas (upper lip) to large ones (back).
  • The great advantage of this laser epilation is the speed of treatment, minimal pain and, above all, the permanent result of removing unwanted hair.

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  • Introducing the latest laser technology of 2024.
  • Extremely effective for targeting dark hairs, our laser selectively targets hairs in the active growth phase.
  • Typically, 6-8 sessions spaced 3 to 8 weeks apart are required for optimal results.
  • Featuring a broad epilation nozzle, our laser ensures swift and efficient treatment sessions, reducing overall treatment time.

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Laser epilation procedure

Laser epilation with the LightSheer® DESIRE™ device represents the most modern and effective epilation technique to date.


Laser epilation

Laser LightSheer® DESIRE™ combines two unique technologies with the help of three different ends.

  • The tip for treating large areas using a vacuum gently sucks the skin, so it gets closer to the source of laser energy.
  • Smaller and more delicate areas are treated with a second special end, which, thanks to contact cooling, continuously cools the skin during the procedure.
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Large areas can be treated in 15-20 minutes, without the need for anesthetics.


For epilation, it is necessary that the hairs are shaved with a razor, ideally the evening before the treatment. At least 2 weeks before the treatment, it is not advisable to pull out the hair, depilate it with wax, sugar paste or methods that remove the hair along with the bulb.

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Secure, Painless and Effective Laser Epilation

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The laser acts only on hairs that are in the active growth phase, so the treatment must be repeated several times, usually a total of 5-7 sessions are needed at intervals of 3 to 8 weeks.

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It is good to plan the treatment in phases outside of strong sunlight or tanning.

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In order for the effect of laser epilation to be permanent, it is necessary to complete all necessary sessions. However, the results are already visible after the first treatment.


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  • Monday — Friday: 9AM - 8PM
  • Saturday — Sunday: 9AM - 3PM
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Opening hours

Prices of procedures


Pricelist for laser — epilation — one session.

If you pay for 3 sessions, you get the fourth one for free.

Upper lip / nose / between the eyebrows
5 minutes
10 €
10 minutes
15 €
10 minutes
woman 15 € / man 25 €
15 minutes
woman 50 € / man 60 €
10 minutes
20 €
Fingers / toes
5 minutes
10 €
10 minutes
woman 45 € / man 60 €
Forearm / Shoulders
10 minutes
woman 45 € / man 65 €
Whole hands
15 minutes
woman 70 € / man 85 €
15 minutes
woman 50 € / man 80 €
10 minutes
40 €
10 minutes
man 40 €
Cleavage + Chest
20 minutes
man 70 €
Bikini (partial - 1 area)
10 minutes
woman 40 € / man 50 €
Bikini (set - intimate area)
15 minutes
woman 75 € / man 100 €
15 minutes
woman 50 € / man 75 €
20 minutes
woman 65 € / man 65 €
5 minutes
10 €
20 minutes
woman 70 € / man 80 €
Whole legs
40 minutes
woman 125 € / man 125 €
The whole back
30 minutes
115 €
If you didn't had chance to shave before the session, we can help you.

Pricelist for laser — blue veins — per impulse.

If you pay for 3 sessions, you get the fourth one for free.

100-200 impulses
Laser impulses
185 €
201-400 impulses
Laser impulses
290 €
1 impulse
One laser impulse
2 €
1 star
Laser impulses for one star
20 €

Pricelist for massage — one session.

If you pay for 9 sessions, you get the tenth one for free.

Relax / Classic
60 minutes
45 €
60 minutes
45 €
Anti-cellulite wrap / laminaria
45 minutes
30 €
Anti-cellulite / lymphatic drainage
60 minutes (+ wrap 15 €)
45 €
Honey (Detox and anti-cellulite)
60 minutes
45 €
Manual lipoplasty of the body with fingers
60 minutes (Result after 1st session)
60 €


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LightSheer DESIRE

You should know


More information about laser epilation.


You will need 5-7 sessions for an ideal result.

The break between the first treatments is 3 weeks. And then the time is extended.


There is no need to change your lifestyle after the procedure. Rehabilitation does not take long, which is a plus for people with a high pace of life.


Laser treatment is not performed if:

  1. Tanning and solarium less than a week.
  2. The presence of various skin diseases and inflammatory processes in the acute stage.
  3. The presence of external signs of herpes.
  4. The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  5. Oncological diseases.
  6. The presence of pathologies in hematopoiesis.
  7. Use of a pacemaker.
  8. If you are taking antibiotics or retinoids, stop taking them about a week before the procedure.
  9. Stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs that contain aspirin, otherwise the skin may bruise.

After the procedure

After the procedure, slight redness and swelling may appear on the same day.

Three days after the end of the procedure, you cannot visit the spa and pool.

Do not use extremely hot water in the shower or take a bath that day.

In 1-2 weeks, your hair will start to fall out.

You can shave but refrain from pulling out hairs.

Special offer for laser procedures

If you pay for 3 sessions, you get the fourth one for free.

Special offer for massage

If you pay for 9 sessions, you get the tenth one for free.


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